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Speaking & Connecting

The art of connecting, communicating, and convincing others through speech was very much alive even as long ago as 2300 years ago, when Aristotle was running his Academy in ancient Athens. It's an art with its own techniques and tricks of the trade, acquired from observation, study, and on-the-job training. In this section, you will discover elements of the art from aspiring and actual World Champions of Pubic Speaking, from everyday speakers to big name speakers. And from articles as well.

Make The TAPE Your MATE

4 Foolproof Ways to Salt your Speeches with Humor
An article by Brian Woolf (August 2, 2020)

Jay - You Need To Get A Life

Winner, Toastmasters District 37 (North Carolina) Humorous Contest, 2008. This speech was special because Jay's uses exaggerated absurdity to talk of simple things surrounding him which he deftly threads together with the title phrase, "Jay - You need to get a life." Enjoy his humorship...
An article by Jay Nodine (October 1, 2008)

The Golden Years - Yeah! Right!

Winner, Toastmasters District 37 (North Carolina) Humorous Contest, 2007. This is one of the funniest humorous speeches heard in my 50 years of Toastmasters.
A speech by Jay Nodine (October 1, 2007)

Five Smooth Stones

Winner, Semifinal Contest, World Championship of Public Speaking: This is a speech that connects. The speaker talks to us, one-to-one, from beginning to end. He uses examples we understand. He builds clear pictures. And he shows us how, with careful thought, an hilarious, yet relevant, Twist can be designed and delivered, winning audiences hearts and judges scoresheets.
A speech by Jock Elliott ( (August 1, 2006)

The Greatest Thief

Winner, Toastmasters Region VIII Contest, Charlotte, NC (semifinal #8). This speech propelled me to be one of the nine global WCPS finalists that year. The subject is one I care deeply about. Obviously, the judges agreed...
A speech by Brian Woolf (June 21, 2003)

I Warn You

This speech is reproduced with the permission of the speaker, Lord Kinnock. It was Kinnock's stump speech, delivered without notes, 3 weeks before the General Election at the Labor Party Conference in Wales.
A speech by Lord Neil Kinnock (May 15, 1987)


Third Place, Toastmasters District Speech Contest: This is a speech whose message challenges the audience while aiming at their hearts and minds. In a way, it's a book report - a powerful speech inspired by a book.
A speech by Jock Elliott ( (July 1, 1979)

The Hollow Men

Third Place, ToastMasters Semi-Final Contest (Regional): Toastmasters contests can address any topic and must be delivered between 4:30 And 7:30 Minutes. Word length is typically 600-800 words. My first contest year and here I was at the World Championship Semifinals. My topic was one I cared about.
A speech by Brian Woolf (June 1, 1978)

Our Greatest Treasure

Winner, Toastmasters District 10, NE Ohio: This speech was my first serious effort at competing in Toastmasters so, as a relative newcomer to the US, I spoke of my admiration for the treasure that America protected on the world's behalf.
A speech by Brian Woolf (May 1, 1978)

The Whiskey Speech

Delivered to Mississippi State Legislators, this speech concerned a politically hot issue: The question of prohibition of alcoholic liquor, a law then in force in Mississippi.
A speech by Rep. Noah S. 'Soggy' Sweat, Jr (April 4, 1952)

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