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5 Favorite Big Stage Speeches #2

By Brian Woolf
May 23, 2022

The easiest way to improve your speaking is to study those further ahead on Speech Mountain. And the easiest way to do that - free - is to visit YouTube...

Below are five of my favorite speeches from the final round ("The Big Stage") Of Toastmasters annual World Championship of Public Speaking® (WCPS). Three highlights are noted. You will readily identify others. Do build a collection of your own favorite speeches and speakers; their skills and style are those you will likely adopt.

If interested in learning of other favorites of mine, see the other speakers in this website section and in my books The Speaker's Toolbox and The Speaker's Blueprint.

The Power of Words
Mohammed Qahtani. WCPS 2015 Winner

Never Too Late
Jim Key. WCPS 2003 Winner

Fortune Cookie
Kwong Yue Yang. WCPS 2011 Second

Still Standing
Ramona J Smith. WCPS 2018 Winner

Get Up
David Nottage. WCPS 1996 Winner

You may also access other Toastmaster speeches on YouTube by typing in the YouTube search box: Toastmasters and the speaker's name, eg, Toastmasters David Nottage. Enjoy and learn.

Copyright © 2022 Brian Woolf
Copyright © 2022 Brian Woolf