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  • The Customer 5% Reward Program
    A common practice of card-based food retailers is giving benefits (discounts, gifts, etc) to their regular (ie, “better”) customers. But how much should be given? How? And to whom? The Customer 5% Program shows the way...
  • Big Rewards From Small Customers
    A simple way to increase loyalty is to start with your smallest (literally) customers.
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys: A Loyalty Rorschach Test?
    Every Thanksgiving, US food retailers exhibit divergent behavior when setting turkey prices. Can we project from their pricing, like projecting from Rorschach ink-blot observations, their real loyalty attitude?
  • Isn’t Our Budgeting Process Backwards?
    Ask any retail CEO, CMO, or (hopefully) CFO about their customers and they will tell you how customers are the center, the core, of their business. I’m sure you agree...
  • Social Media Marketing Opportunities
    The average American spends approximately three hours online every day. Nielsen observes that Internet users spend more time on social media sites than any other site type...

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New in PDF: the 1994 Coca Cola report!
Newly published in electronic (PDF) format by Coca Cola's Business Solutions unit is the original 1994 report, 'Measured Marketing', which at the time became the 'Loyalty Bible' for food retailers around the world, providing a framework for a profitable loyalty program. Although Woolf's more recent 'Access Pricing' mechanism should be considered in addition, at the time of the study (given the limited technology of the time) two-tier pricing was recommended because it cost nothing (as opposed to the 1% sales rebate programs that were then in place within a few European food retailers)....
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En Espanol!
El ultimo libro de Brian Woolf est disponible en Espanol...
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Libri Italiani!
Due dei libri di Brian Woolf sono disponibili in Italiano...
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Watch Brian Woolf explaining how today's true Loyalty Leaders are doing it (00:04:49) Video
Brian Woolf explains how today's true Loyalty
Leaders are doing it (00:04:49)
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Brian Woolf is a global leader in loyalty marketing. In addition to writing three definitive works on the subject, he spends his time helping retailers develop...  more

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