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Welcome to the web site of Brian Woolf.

Brian has three major interests, as indicated by the menu buttons above: More can be learned by clicking on the relevant subjects above.

It’s a pleasure to announce that, in the Books by Brian section, you may now download free a PDF copy of my three loyalty marketing works: Measured Marketing, Customer Specific Marketing, and Loyalty Marketing: The Second Act. Enjoy reading about the marketing and loyalty lessons learned.

Brian, a New Zealander by birth, has spent most of his business life in retailing: finance, operations, loyalty, marketing, and management. First in NZ and then, after earning an MBA at the Harvard Business School, in the US with regular involvement in Europe, Japan, and Australia. Earlier, at Auckland University, NZ, he earned an M.Com. (in Economics) and a (NZ) CPA.
His three major work experiences are Deputy Managing Director of Progressive Enterprises/Foodtown (NZ); Chief Financial Officer of Food Lion (USA); and CEO of Retail Strategy Center (USA).
He has written 7 books and many articles, sharing what he has learned. His keen interest in the art of connection and communication was rewarded in 2003 when he was selected as one of Toastmasters Ten Best Global Speakers.
To learn a little more about Brian and what he thinks, click here.
Home is Greenville, South Carolina.
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