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Covid-19: Base Data, 50 States. 28 Wks To Sep 22, 2020

By Brian Woolf
September 22, 2020

This table comprises the Tests, Cases, and Deaths related to Covid-19. These are the key metrics of the virus, provided daily by states and medical organizations to and several other organizations...

All Test, Case, and Death numbers used in my articles are from or derived from the data in this table. We derive, for example, results for the 16-, 8-, and 4-week periods, deaths per week, and changes in results between periods.

It is offered to readers who wish see where my data comes from and/or wish to perform additional calculations.

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About the author...

Besides a full business life in retailing, and later, loyalty marketing, the other part of Brian Woolf's life has been filled with diverse interests: particularly speaking (including Toastmasters), travel (including all seven continents), and reading (including history). And he has written seven books sharing what he has learned along the journey. Ask him, two favorite trips? Antarctica and the Nile. Ask him, two favorite books? The Lessons of History (Will & Ariel Durant) and Over the Edge of the World (Laurence Bergreen). He loves learning and sharing.

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