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Your Covid Toolbox

By Brian Woolf
October 26, 2020

Covid-19 can be contentious-often because the discussion is emotional. But arguments can be converted into discussions when some easy-to-understand numbers are slipped in. Facts beat abstract...

This paper reviews our first 32-weeks experience with Covid-19 (CV).  It covers:

Table 1: A simple summary of Tests, Cases and Deaths by week and by period.

Table 2: The population, area, and density of each state. You'll see how different each is. And you'll understand why states with lower densities typically have lower CV death rates.

Table 3: You'll see numbers showing that our weekly deaths have dropped almost 40% in the past 16 weeks. And you can see which states are helping (and hurting) the most.

Tables 4 & 5: Likewise, see tests and cases are surprisingly diverse.

Explore and see what you discover. Feel free to send discoveries and questions to the Reader Feedback section. Enjoy your journey!

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About the author...

Besides a full business life in retailing, and later, loyalty marketing, the other part of Brian Woolf's life has been filled with diverse interests: particularly speaking (including Toastmasters), travel (including all seven continents), and reading (including history). And he has written seven books sharing what he has learned along the journey. Ask him, two favorite trips? Antarctica and the Nile. Ask him, two favorite books? The Lessons of History (Will & Ariel Durant) and Over the Edge of the World (Laurence Bergreen). He loves learning and sharing.

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