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The Half-Time Score Of COVID-19

June 30 marked 2020's half-time. Like a layman watching a college football game on TV, I wonder how the second half will play out. Will the second half have higher or lower scores? Will our team's coach have assessed our bad calls and fumbles and got corrective plans in place? Has he sorted out the surprise plays of the other side and figured out ways to block them?
By Brian Woolf (July 2, 2020 - COVID & Other Articles)

Covid-19: Why Some States Have Lower Death Rates

Quick question. What's your state's current population? And its size (in square miles)? If you divide the population by the area, you'll learn how many people per square mile (PPSM) live there. That number is your state's density. It also suggests your Covid-19 destiny...
By Brian Woolf (June 23, 2020 - COVID & Other Articles)

Conquering COVID-19: New Zealand's Amazing Story

Celebrations erupted in New Zealand last Monday (June 8) when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the removal of all internal Covid-19 (CV) restrictions-no more social distancing; No special spacing in restaurants, planes, or churches; No limiting requirements when shopping or working; No rigid regulations for weddings, funerals, or functions...
By Brian Woolf (June 10, 2020 - COVID & Other Articles)

The One Number

Coronavirus headlines constantly scream from TVs and newspapers, 'Hunker down! Death lurks around the corner!' - And their numbers flow like the Niagara Falls. But they confuse rather than educate...
By Brian Woolf (May 29, 2020 - COVID & Other Articles)

Conversing About Coronavirus

As my previous article suggested, numbers are the currency of conversation when we talk about Coronavirus. Questions such as: How many people died? In what geographic area? What is the area's population?
By Brian Woolf (May 24, 2020 - COVID & Other Articles)

The Coronavirus Challenge

The Coronavirus (or Covid-19) arrived on our doorstep early this year without an instruction manual. Looking around, we found two tools: The example of a societal lockdown in China (but without any medical details, infection or death rate data), and a computer-model of the Imperial College in London projecting over 2 million US deaths...
By Brian Woolf (May 23, 2020 - COVID & Other Articles)

Measured/Loyalty Marketing And The Digital Age: Q&A With Brian Woolf

As the digital era changes the very structure of how retail happens, it's clearly time for retailers and brands to rethink their approach to loyalty and personalization...
By Bill Bishop Of Brick Meets Click (January 9, 2017 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The 3-Question Marketing Plan

Three simple questions to help you grow customers and sales
By Brian Woolf (November 16, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Manage The Price Gap

... Rather than match the prices
By Brian Woolf (June 26, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Waitrose 'The Uncola' Differentiates Again

Differentiation in a Price-Obsessed Marketplace...
By Brian Woolf (June 19, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Uncopied Excellence

Two loyalty program standouts that were never copied
By Brian Woolf (June 18, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

143 - A Dynamic Marketing Metric

Make the trend your friend...
By Brian Woolf (June 4, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Behavior Follows Rewards

We know the principle. Optimizing the practice is the challenge.
By Brian Woolf (May 29, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

A Great Program - That Didn't Make It

A unique program that should have been a winner...
By Brian Woolf (May 21, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Some Loyalty Marketing Best Practices

Ideas to help keep you ahead
By Brian Woolf (May 8, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Promotional Intent

What do you intend your promotion to accomplish?
By Brian Woolf (May 1, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Longitudinal Loyalty

Time to reposition from Latitudinal Loyalty?
By Brian Woolf (April 17, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Business is a Game

... once you understand the ways to win
By Brian Woolf (April 13, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Best Type of Promotions

The best type of promotions are those that customers actively remember...
By Brian Woolf (April 7, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

What Makes Costco So Successful?

The worlds largest retailers didnt achieve that honor by chance. Have you ever studied any of them to better your own game? Heres a close-up of one who is probably also a competitor...
By Brian Woolf (April 7, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

A High-Octane Supermarket Loyalty Program

What is it about gas prices that make people switch from a more convenient gas station on their side of the street to one on the other where the posted gas price is 1-2c gallon cheaper?
By Brian Woolf (April 7, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Whats Wrong With Loyalty Programs?

Theres no consensus on what defines a Loyalty Program. Or, for that matter, Loyalty Marketing...
By Brian Woolf (March 28, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Customer 5% Reward Program

A common practice of card-based food retailers is giving benefits (discounts, gifts, etc) to their regular (ie, "better") customers. But how much should be given? How? And to whom? The Customer 5% Program shows the way...
By Brian Woolf (March 28, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

How Good Is Your Produce Department - Really?

Heres how you can tell...
By Brian Woolf (March 23, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Brand Value

What does it really mean? How does a retail CEO use it?
By Brian Woolf (March 16, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Life Time Value is A Fabulous Concept

... but there are more practical approaches for retailers
By Brian Woolf (February 22, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Share of Wallet

Share of wallet is a great concept - but, in practice, not a great tool...
By Brian Woolf (February 22, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Today's Peacock Is Tomorrow's Feather Duster

For how long will your company thrive?
By Brian Woolf (February 22, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Baumol's Law

... the foundation shaker of retailing.
By Brian Woolf (February 15, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Marketing Numbers 101

Two useful numbers for marketers and how to calculate them...
By Brian Woolf (February 1, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Marketing Your Story

How well do you tell your companys story, letting the world understand what makes you different?
By Brian Woolf (January 24, 2015 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Should Tesco Change Its Clubcard?

Quite simply: yes.
By Brian Woolf (November 23, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Sainsburys Simple but Painful Lesson

Sainsburys has announced they are cutting their Nectar points from 2 points per £1 of spending to 1 point. Customers are mad. What did Sainsburys do wrong?
By Brian Woolf (October 19, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Morrisons New Loyalty Program

Will Morrisons new Match & More card build profitable sales? Management hopes so: its same-store sales were down 7.4% in the recent half year ending 3 August...
By Brian Woolf (October 6, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Intelligent Loss of Business

What we do well, and what we dont do at all, are two of the most important elements of strategy. Too often, we forget the latter...
By Brian Woolf (October 5, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Its Time to Rethink 1% Programs

The biggest challenge of the standard 1% point-based rebate program is that a lot of the cost is wasted. Refining the program will produce better bottom-line results...
By Brian Woolf (September 29, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Lessons from the World's Customer Retention Record Holder

"Customers are the center of our business" is a common mantra heard from CEOs and CMOs. Given that, why do so few know how many customers they retain? One retailer who does, publishes its result quarterly. Its Retention Rate is an amazing 91%!
By Brian Woolf (September 29, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

At Waitrose, Enjoy Every Visit

Your two major competitors have 1% point programs; one has a slogan "Every little helps." You are introducing a loyalty program: do you copy or differentiate?
By Brian Woolf (September 29, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Is It A Loyalty Card?

The question keeps popping up ... is it really a Loyalty Card? Even though many retailers call it such, is it misnamed?
By Brian Woolf (August 27, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Fish ... Where The Big Fish Are

"Fish where the fish are and, if possible, where the big fish are" ... Garth Hallberg, author of "All Customers Are Not Created Equal"
By Brian Woolf (August 15, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Single Best Way to Increases Sales

One of the greatest insights I have gained from analyzing customer data over the past two decades is that there is one best way to increase sales.
By Brian Woolf (August 9, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Most Important Number

Imagine your new CEO asking you to provide him with the most important customer number every 4 weeks. You respond "No problem," and then tell him what the number will be and why...
By Brian Woolf (August 7, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The 1% Principle

Is 1% a little or a lot? One of the smartest and most successful food retailers Ive ever known once asked me this question ... and then taught me how to find, and use, the answer.
By Brian Woolf (August 7, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Isnt Our Budgeting Process Backwards?

Ask any retail CEO, CMO, or (hopefully) CFO about their customers and they will tell you how customers are the center, the core, of their business. Im sure you agree...
By Brian Woolf (August 4, 2014 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Big Rewards From Small Customers

A simple way to increase loyalty is to start with your smallest (literally) customers.
By Fiona Woolf (October 26, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Thanksgiving Turkeys: A Loyalty Rorschach Test?

Every Thanksgiving, US food retailers exhibit divergent behavior when setting turkey prices. Can we project from their pricing, like projecting from Rorschach ink-blot observations, their real loyalty attitude?
By Brian Woolf (October 13, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Social Media Marketing Opportunities

The average American spends approximately three hours online every day. Nielsen observes that Internet users spend more time on social media sites than any other site type...
By Fiona Woolf (October 5, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Ditch All Your Loyalty Cards

That was the title of an article in Slate several weeks ago. It follows the recent decision by Albertsons new management to eliminate their loyalty card program. Time for a check-up?
By Brian Woolf (September 17, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

A Great Marketing Opportunity

Would you like to increase your sales to customers who will promote your company and products? If so, look to your marketing relationship with Millennials...
By Fiona Woolf (September 17, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Measuring Marketing Success

What is the most important indicator of marketing success? How do you measure and track it? Heres one approach...
By Brian Woolf (August 20, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

shopkick: Customer friendly? Not quite.

After applauding shopkicks revolutionary, smartphone-based, coalition loyalty program, my attention now turns to four niggling issues using it...
By Fiona Woolf (August 11, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

shopkick: A Unique Approach to Loyalty

shopkick is a loyalty program worthy of your attention because of 5 unique characteristics...
By Fiona Woolf (August 10, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

shopkick: Where Award Opportunities Keep Appearing

shopkick is an app-based, coalition program with diverse opportunities for earning rewards. Some are advertised and some are unadvertised, appearing with continued participation. shopkick introduces us to a new approach for rewarding the right customer...
By Fiona Woolf (August 7, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Morning Newsbeat Interview With Brian Woolf

From the 'Interviews with Business Thought Leaders' Series
By Brian Woolf (July 31, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Stop! Nationwide Gas Coalition Ahead

Could gas (petrol) fuel the first nationwide loyalty coalition program? Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) and its national redemption partner Shell think so...
By Fiona Woolf (June 14, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Driving in a Different Direction

In todays highly competitive environment, how are gas chains differentiating themselves to strengthen their attractiveness to drivers? One popular approach is adopting the loyalty model of supermarkets...
By Fiona Woolf (May 15, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Loyalty Marketing: The Next 20 Years

Twenty years ago I had the privilege of spending 6 months researching one question: Why, in those early days of Loyalty Marketing, were a few pioneers experiencing success, many more were failing (losing money), and the rest had ambiguous results?
By Brian Woolf (February 22, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

How Successful Was Walgreens Loyalty Launch?

I suspect that most of us interested in loyalty marketing have been keeping an eye on Walgreens balance(TM) rewards program since it launched in September 2012 (the first month of its new financial year)...
By Brian Woolf (January 29, 2013 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Reward Total Spending or Spending on Specials?

A comparison of two new loyalty programs with very different reward goals...
By Brian Woolf (October 7, 2012 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Customer Pricing: How Dorothy Lane Market is adding more value for its loyal customers

Dorothy Lane Market has broken tradition once again with its July 2012 announcement of putting more value into the shopping baskets of its club members...
By Brian Woolf (July 22, 2012 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Differentiator

Differentiation is a critical element of effective strategy, whether we are talking about a corporation or a loyalty program, and Big Y does it best...
By Brian Woolf (June 14, 2011 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

A Master at Work

How Tesco, a global Loyalty Leader, commited what was thought to be economic heresy but confounded its critics-and competition-because it truly understands loyalty marketings economics and trade-offs
By Brian Woolf (October 9, 2010 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Loyalty Leaders (5-Minute Video Presentation)

See for yourself how today's Customer Loyalty Leaders are doing it. What's their secret?
By Brian Woolf (October 4, 2010 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Turning tactics into strategy

Sometimes we get so bogged down by our competitive tactics (eg, matching competitor ad prices) we are blinded from seeing that we are only one step away from turning our actions into a long-term strategic advantage...
By Brian Woolf (March 26, 2010 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Excellence is Everywhere

As I travel the world discussing loyalty, its not uncommon to be asked: Which countries are the most advanced in loyalty marketing? My answer has always been the same: there are no great countries, just great companies...
By Brian Woolf (September 15, 2008 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Have you planted any trees lately?

Loyalty isn't just about price but also about emotion. But how important a role does a corporate ecological conscience play in building true customer loyalty?
By Brian Woolf (August 31, 2008 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Triangle of Win

A classic example of Access Pricing - one of the most cost-effective tools in a loyalty marketers toolkit - offering a benefit only to selected, profitable, loyal customers.
By Brian Woolf (August 31, 2008 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Loyalty Marketing or Loyalty Selling?

This is the foreword from a special publication celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fly Buys (New Zealand), one of the worlds leading coalition programmes, in which Brian Woolf explains why change is so necessary, yet so resisted...
By Brian Woolf (November 11, 2006 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Beeper Greeter

You want more higher-spending customers, right? So did Vernon, NY-based Katz Foodtown. While many companies profess to be customer-centric, Foodtown truly is. But what makes this 13-unit retailer so different?
By Brian Woolf (August 31, 2005 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Access Pricing - The Fourth Way

Pricing strategy has long depended on three key techniques: HI-LO, EDLP, or PUF (profit up front). But now a new Fourth Way, 'Access Pricing', is making an appearance. Brian Woolf explains what it's all about, and why it works so well...
By Brian Woolf (April 9, 2005 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Crazy Prices ... And More!

How can supermarket operators differentiate themselves from behemoth discounters, with their low costs and prices? High quality meat and produce? A great bakery? Superior service? Yes! Yes! Yes! But there's far more to it - and here's how...
By Brian Woolf (March 26, 2005 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Lessons From Along Loyalty Lane

At the 9th Annual CRMC (Chicago, June 5, 2003) Brian Woolf, author of 'Loyalty Marketing: The Second Act' described some highly successful food retailers who are doing an outstanding job with CRM. This is a summary of his presentation...
By Brian Woolf (January 23, 2004 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Five more critical success factors for running a loyalty programme

The final five success factors for customer loyalty, from the third year of your programme onward
By Malcolm Fowler, EVP Products and Marketing, Ernex, Inc., Canada (July 17, 2003 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Five critical success factors for planning and launching a loyalty programme

Five success factors for planning your new customer loyalty programme, and five more for launching it
By Malcolm Fowler, EVP Products and Marketing, Ernex, Inc., Canada (July 17, 2003 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Seven steps to build sales and profits

One of the biggest mistakes still being made by companies contemplating a loyalty program is that they consider it a clip-on, a fifth wheel, rather than an integral part of the business ...
By Brian Woolf (October 6, 2002 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Bathtub Report

Any company armed with a deep understanding of both its cash and customer flows (both in and out) has a competitive advantage over those who do not - and that's what The Bathtub Report is there to give you.
By Brian Woolf (October 6, 2002 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

What is loyalty?

A critique of the Harvard Business Review article, 'The Mismanagement of Customer Loyalty'
By Brian Woolf (July 30, 2002 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Interview with a pioneer

The Godfather of retail loyalty marketing
By Neil Raphel, Raphel Marketing (July 29, 2002 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The Genus Report

A Tool For Category Managers
By Brian Woolf (July 29, 2002 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Creating An Holistic Customer Climate

Shifting Your Corporate Focus From A Product And Process Orientation To A Culture Which Drives Customer Needs To The Core
By Brian Woolf (July 29, 2002 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

The inspiration behind the Super H ""$avings Plus!"" program

A speech given at the NGA's annual convention, January 1999
By Steve Burrows (September 3, 2001 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Measured Marketing: An Update, One Year Later

A speech given at the Food Marketing Institute's Marketechnics Conference in Houston (February 1995)
By R. Scott Ukrop (August 27, 2001 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Mission Marketing

Transcript of a speech given at the Food Marketing Institute's Editors' Briefing in Chicago (May 1994)
By Daniel J. Lescoe (August 27, 2001 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

This is a football!

An article written for STORES magazine
By Brian Woolf (August 21, 2001 - Marketing & Loyalty Articles)

Speech: I Warn You

This speech is reproduced with the permission of the speaker, Lord Kinnock. It was Kinnock's stump speech, delivered without notes, 3 weeks before the General Election at the Labor Party Conference in Wales.
By Lord Neil Kinnock (May 15, 1987 - Speaking & Connecting Articles)

Speech: Leviathan

Third Place, Toastmasters Speech Contest: This is a speech whose message challenges the audience while aiming at their hearts and minds. In a way, it's a book report - a powerful speech inspired by a book.
By Jock Elliott ( (July 1, 1979 - Speaking & Connecting Articles)

Speech: The Hollow Men

Third Place, ToastMasters Semi-Final Contest (Regional): Toastmasters contests can address any topic and must be delivered between 4:30 And 7:30 Minutes. Word length is typically 600-800 words. My first contest year and here I was at the World Championship Semifinals. My topic was one I cared about.
By Brian Woolf (June 1, 1978 - Speaking & Connecting Articles)

Speech: Our Greatest Treasure

A winning speech at Toastmasters District 10, NE Ohio: This speech was my first serious effort at competing in Toastmasters so, as a relative newcomer to the US, I spoke of my admiration for the treasure that America protected on the world's behalf.
By Brian Woolf (May 1, 1978 - Speaking & Connecting Articles)

Speech: The Whiskey Speech

Delivered to Mississippi State Legislators, this speech concerned a politically hot issue: The question of prohibition of alcoholic liquor, a law then in force in Mississippi.
By Rep. Noah S. 'Soggy' Sweat, Jr (April 4, 1952 - Speaking & Connecting Articles)

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