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Brian Woolf is a global leader in loyalty marketing having written three definitive works on the subject: Measured Marketing: A Tool to Shape Food Store StrategyCustomer Specific Marketing; and Loyalty Marketing: The Second Act.

Another book, Shrinking the Corporate Waistline, describes the practices of lean companies, complete with many specific cost-saving examples. His books have been translated into Japanese, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Today, he is the President of the Retail Strategy Center, a Greenville SC based company that focuses on helping retailers improve their sales and profits through effective loyalty programs and lean retailing practices.

The techniques and metrics he has developed have become guiding principles for some of the world’s most successful loyalty programs. His speaking engagements include conferences in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Prior to his total commitment to loyalty marketing, his corporate roles included Deputy Managing Director of Progressive Enterprises, a major New Zealand retailer and Chief Financial Officer of Food Lion, a leading US food retailer. He has an M.Com. (Economics) from Auckland University, New Zealand, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

His website ( includes a selection of his loyalty articles as well as a free download of his book Loyalty Marketing: The Second Act. He can be contacted online by clicking here.

In July 2013, Morning Newsbeat conducted an interview with Brian, due to his prominence in the business world, for its Series Of Interviews with Business Thought LeadersClick here for that interview!

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